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E-commerce for beginners and learn e-commerce and how to increase sales E-Commerce


E-commerce for beginners in learning the secrets of e-commerce, and how to increase sales, this is what we will share together, and learn together how to start learning electronic commerce and its secrets, there is no doubt that beginners in learning electronic commerce will discover that it is very easy, it only requires more desire Ambition and a clear vision, in defining the goals to be achieved.

 In addition, beginners in learning e-commerce may find themselves missing out on many opportunities, because they have not learned e-commerce before, and this may increase their passion for learning e-commerce and its secrets. Also, without learning the secrets of e-commerce, you cannot produce sales, because the secret lies in the way and how to increase sales, so let us first know what is e-commerce?

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce is a field of economics that includes all commercial and financial transactions that take place through the Internet, as well as commercial operations related to these transactions.

Many people prefer to learn e-commerce and start marketing and selling products online, as e-commerce is an ideal alternative to traditional commerce, especially for those who do not have commercial stores on the ground.

e-commerce definition

Defining e-commerce in simple words is to practice commerce over the Internet, by setting up an online store and starting to display your products on it. It is done via the Internet through e-commerce.

Advantages of e-commerce

The advantages of e-commerce on the Internet are increasing in popularity. According to statistics, more than a hundred million people shop on the Internet. Business activity on the Internet includes working in the field of advertising and distributing goods and services via the Internet.

E-commerce and Internet marketing are inseparable, the buyer gets acquainted with the technical characteristics, cost, and appearance of goods and products, if everything suits him, he can immediately place an order, and after a while, it will be delivered to the specified address, the buyer will be able to pay in several ways to do this, there are different systems And various ways to accept non-cash payments.

The payment system in e-commerce is interconnected rules, procedures, and infrastructure that allow you to transfer money to the owner of a product or service from the buyer to the seller. Support systems in e-commerce are also an electronic service, that is, they provide the process of purchasing goods or services over the Internet using a Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal bank card.

The effectiveness of e-commerce is measured, through some indicators. Conversion is one of the main and most common metrics. Increasing your conversion rate is the mission and goal of every e-commerce and an online merchant.

The benefits of e-commerce

The benefit of e-commerce or doing business by selling products through online media, one of the most important benefits of doing business through e-commerce are many, the most important of which is that it is low cost because there is no need for a storefront, there is no space for the delay, and there is no need for a lot of labor, in addition to It can provide products and services to customers anywhere and anytime, e-commerce is gaining great popularity and tends to grow day by day.

E-commerce features

E-commerce marketing is a way to use advertising methods to increase traffic to your online store, convert this traffic into potential customers, and get them to come back to your store, after making a purchase.

Learn e-commerce for beginners tips to increase sales

You have to follow the plan of how to get many orders, by approaching customers to sell them a product that is more valuable to them than the original product they intend to buy.

For many companies, ramping up sales is better than trying to find new customers. Note that your selling product should be:

  • According to the original needs of customers
  • The price is higher but not too different

For example, if you are selling a laptop, suggest besides a stronger type, a larger memory type. Besides selling extra, selling more accessories and related products is also a way to increase the number of sales as well.

Customer Reminder

Remind customers of incomplete orders

There is a customer who put the product in the basket but in the end did not buy it, as if you brought a piece of cake to your mouth and then dropped it, unfortunately, according to the survey 69.23% of incomplete shopping carts for the most common reasons are:

  • The additional fees (taxes, delivery charges..) are too high
  • You must create an account to purchase
  • Complex ordering and payment process
  • How much money can not be calculated in advance
  • Store Error
  • You don't want to pay in advance
  • The delivery time is expected to be very long
  • Unreasonable refund policy
  • There are not many ways to pay
  • Rejected card

Resolve these incomplete orders by calling, emailing customers to complete the transaction or solving problems they face in your store, or convincing them further with discounts or free shipping for example.

Open your store on Facebook

You have the opportunity to get more potential customers by opening your store or another branch of your store on Facebook.

Facebook is an ideal place to increase sales for your e-commerce, and it is a very crowded place, haha, many visitors visit every day.

If you use Shopify, you can integrate product information with social networks, without having to create a separate archive.

Connect your store with Instagram

With over five hundred million active users every day, Instagram is one of the most thriving social networks connecting brands with consumers.

If your business is strong enough to capture many attractive photos, it is better to share them on Instagram to collect many followers who are potential customers. And do not forget to add the link of the e-commerce page on all of your product posts or photos to receive orders and do not forget to use the hashtag wisely to increase your chances of getting To share and interact.

Email Marketing

Email marketing, also an inexpensive form of revenue-generating, is often overlooked. When everyone is racing to post a lot on Facebook and users are confused, email marketing can lead to more interaction.

Not only that, but e-mail gives you a space to say things that cannot be conveyed in publications, in social media, such as products that relate to women, such as products that relate to sensitive areas, and so on.

There are many opportunities for you to get an excuse to send emails to customers

  • Hello/Thank you by mail via e-mail immediately after the customer has made the purchase
  • Send information about products, promotions, and gifts
  • Send usefully or sometimes news about the company

Facilitate the purchase process

If the store layout on the ground is not tidy, the offered products are not attractive, not easy to find, and the payment is long. . It certainly will not attract many visitors to this store.

The same applies to the online store on the Internet, so everything must be presented clearly. Any lack of necessary information, difficulty reading fonts, and chaotic navigation are things that will cause inconvenience and discomfort to customers and consequently, you will lose a lot of customers and potential customers.

Review your online store design and presentation, did you rank the product accordingly?

Is there good coordination between images and text?

Do you put too many products on one page? etc

Forecast sales cases

Predict whether the revenue will be worth the cost in several ways including:

  • Keyword search
  • demographics
  • geography
  • Social Media Trends
  • There is another way to find out if a product is looking for and interested in a lot of people or not. It is to sell it in advance to see how many people are asking for it.

For example, you are the seller of the unit and you are wondering what you will release from among the three products that you are about to import, put them in your online store, but leave the word “Out of stock”, to know the number of customers who ask to call again when the product is available, and you will know the products that must be imported for sale In the future.

Content Marketing Planning

If you are already an e-commerce business, you must blog with a commitment to connecting with customers, rank higher in search engines, write articles that provide comprehensive and valuable information to customers, and guide to using products effectively, and publish them on websites that allow visitors to write articles to increase brand awareness your own, and create backlinks to the service, to improve your store's ranking in search engines. Also, remember that your content doesn't have to be all written content, be flexible in using images, videos and podcasts.


Personalization is another powerful marketing technique to increase online sales. You have data on user behavior and experience, thus taking care of every little thing, and fulfilling more of the customer's aspirations.

Better responsive website design

By 2022 more than half of all online shopping will be on mobile devices By 2022, this means that your e-store design, should be eye-catching to mobile users throughout their experience. You can consider making the add to cart button bigger, so that customers can easily click on it without having to enlarge or change the image format, to make the product look bigger and more beautiful when viewed on the mobile phone.


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