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 Many bloggers ask what are the conditions for accepting your site in Adsense or the so-called Google Adsense conditions for accepting my site or my blog. Adsense ad for you.

Terms of accepting the blog or website in Google Adsense 2022

1- Exclusive content not copied

Your site or blog must have exclusive content or topics that have not been written before or completely reformulated because the AdSense advertising company does not accept copied and stolen content from others.

2- A good number of words

The number of words in each topic or post within your site must be many, meaning that you try to be at least 200 words for each topic and not publish topics that are just pictures and videos, but the content must be written because this is a site and not YouTube.

3- Template shape and formatting

You should pay attention to the shape of your site template, as this is very important to increase the chance of acceptance. Google Adsense rejects all sites with templates that are not coordinated and not suitable for the content of your site, and this means not using a news template, for example, for a technical site, and vice versa. Pay attention to the sections and arrange them by a template.

4- The number of topics is not small

You should write topics in your blog. It is recommended that more than 20 or 30 topics at least, this increases the imposition of acceptance of your blog in Adsense, you may ask yourself why 20 or 30 topics, why this number, the answer is unknown exactly the number of topics required for acceptance, but the more It is normal with the possibility of acceptance.

5- Privacy pages and others

It is also important to create pages called Contact Us, Privacy Policy, and About Us. These pages are often at the top of the template and help people communicate with you, as well as an introduction to the site, and so on. You often find written pages that are ready, all you have to install on your site.

6- An integrated site and not under construction

Your site or blog must be integrated and not have errors, whether in form or content, and you must make sure that all things in the template work well and all the add-ons, that is, when you click on the privacy policy page, for example, I find it, as well as all other plugins in the template, that is, you must test them all or Post an expert to check your site.

7- Enough time has passed

Your site or blog must have enough time, that is, not when you create the site or blog, go quickly and apply in Adsense, but give your site enough time and work on your site well.

8- Visits to your site

It is preferable to have visits to your site so that Google Adsense reviewers notice that your site has traffic and not just an image of a site that is not working.

9- Not to raise the cracks and serials for paid programs

Your site must be clean from where you do not upload cracks, serials, or hacked games that activate paid programs because this is very contrary to Adsense and can lead not only to rejecting your site but also closing it because you offer things with money to people for free and you do not own them.

10- It is preferable to buy a paid domain

It is recommended, especially if you want a normal AdSense account to have a domain for your site, so what is the domain? Read this post to know >> Domain and then connect your domain to Blogger or if you use WordPress, you need a domain.

In the end, these points above will solve the problem of your blog is currently not eligible to use the AdSense program and also increase the chances of your site being accepted in Google Adsense better. These points are not a constitution, but it is very desirable and preferred to work on them.


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