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How to profit from the Internet? From Google Adsense, a monthly salary of $ 3000 2022

Ways to profit from the Internet? From Google Adsense, monthly salary of $ 3000:

 1. Profit from Google Adsense ads (100 per day):

If you have a blog site that specializes in a specific field (finance and business, forex and currency trading, project ideas, pet raising, feasibility studies, an educational site, or even a YouTube channel).

In this case, you can subscribe to Google Adsense, and earn $100 per day from it, equivalent to a monthly salary of $3,000 per month, only when you get 40-50 thousand visits to your website accepted in Google Adsense, your blog, or even a free blogger blog or YouTube channel. You can also make money online.

And if you can earn $100 a day, this means that you will get a monthly salary from Google Adsense equal to $3,000.

2. Working with Google Adsense, with a monthly salary of $3,000:

Another way for you to earn $3,000 from Google Adsense is to work with the Google Adsense support team,

Google Adsense gives its employees very high salaries.

If you are completely free, you can be a member of the support team on Adsense or a programmer for its algorithms and Google search engine robots. Google Adsense gives its employees a monthly salary ranging from 3000 dollars to approximately 10000 dollars.

3. Get 500 Adsense Clicks = $0.20:

As we said, if you have a huge website or a blog that is acceptable in Google Adsense and you have many visitors, this is not difficult for you. You can get $100 per day by fetching 500 high-price clicks, the price of which starts at only $0.20.

And you may be able to get clicks twice this price or greater if you target an area with strong and fierce competition for advertisements between the stock market and forex, for example.

Your daily exit with 500 Google Adsense clicks on ads at a price of only 0.20 enables you to earn $100 per day, and this is a monthly salary of $3,000 from Google Adsense.

4. Selling the AdSense acceptance service for $50 twice a day:

If you are good at applying the terms of Adsense to blogs and websites to accept them in Adsense, you can provide this service and help others to accept their blogs in Adsense.

In fact, I saw this service offered in Facebook groups for 50 dollars, and it was implemented in less than 24 hours to about two days.

In this case, you can sell the Google Adsense acceptance service for $50 a day twice only and get a monthly salary of $3,000 from Google Adsense.

To sell this service, you can display it on Arab services selling sites such as independent, Khamsat and Kafeel,

 Or offer the service on foreign service sites: Fiverr, or freelancer.

Or display them on Facebook groups specialized in Adsense, Blogger, and WordPress, you will find many of them.

With this, you can sell the service easily and earn a monthly salary from Google Adsense equal to 3000 dollars very easily.

5. Create a YouTube channel to profit from Google Adsense:

Creating a YouTube channel to publish videos is one of the easiest ways to earn from Adsense, a monthly salary of up to 3000 dollars.

And to get a monthly salary from the YouTube channel through Google Adsense $ 3000, follow the following steps:

  • You just need to start earning from this successful and profitable channel idea method.
  • The choice of field to search on is large.
  • Then choose an appropriate name for your channel that indicates your domain.
  • Then start posting your own videos to the channel.
  • And you need interesting video content.
  • An impressive introduction and style that attracts viewers.
  • Get 4000 watch hours for your channel and 1000 subscribers.
  • Then start making profits from Google Adsense through the channel.
  • You can now get a monthly salary from Google Adsense equal to 3000 dollars, and even more over time.

6. Get 50,000 visits per day from Google:

In fact, the many visits to your site are the ones that bring big profits and many clicks, and you can profit from Google Adsense, a monthly salary of $ 3000, and more through Adsense ads on your site or blog.

And the average number of visits you need to earn $100 a day from Google Adsense ads is 50,000 visits.

You may need to bring 50,000 thousand visits per day to your site 500 high-quality articles, each article is not less than 1000 to 3000 words that respect the terms of SEO, to publish some of them in the results of search engines such as Google, the largest among them, followed by Bing (yahoo), and others, but these are the two most common and the most Using and indexing your site in them is enough, in my opinion.

By getting 50,000 thousand visits, you can get from 500 to 1,000 clicks per day, and thus you may make more than $100 through the Internet by profiting from Google Adsense.

Thus, you can provide a high salary from Google Adsense per month, up to 3000 dollars as a minimum, and you may get profits higher than this number or double it if you work hard and have a WordPress site and have many daily visitors and leading articles in Google.


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