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Profit from blogging using 15 proven and effective methods


You can start profiting from blogging without requiring a specific age, or a specific academic qualification. Whatever your age, qualifications, and personal characteristics, many opportunities can be optimally exploited to earn money through blogging.

In the technical world, there are many ways to work online or profit from the Internet, and blogging is one of the best areas in which you can make a decent income.

Therefore, we will now explain to you how to start in the world of online blogging to publish articles in the field you love, and how to achieve a steady income through effective and proven methods that you can rely on one or more of them.

How do you start blogging online?

Blogging does not mean publishing text content and writing articles in your blog at random, but it is closer to providing real solutions that can be relied upon and benefit from practically, such as this article in which weblog about the best ideas and ways to profit from blogging.

Before starting your blogging journey online, you must determine the domain you want to blog about, and the more you choose the field closest to your expertise and hobbies, the more opportunities you have to earn money from your blog.

Therefore, defining the target audience is the first step to start with, by choosing the specifications of the target audience so that you can provide the appropriate content, and develop the appropriate profit methods that you expect them to interact with.

There are many effective ways to create a free blog, or a paid blog depending on the budget that you can start with, but it is important to choose the most suitable platform for you that helps you build a professional blog with a great appearance to facilitate the reading experience for visitors, and this comes in parallel with the quality of the valuable and unique content that Benefit the visitors

What are the expected earnings from online blogging?

We don’t want to go overboard with our promise to explain some of the ways to make $1,000 a month guaranteed…

In the article, we will talk about many proven methods already, but we will not give you a fixed number that we guarantee that you will achieve, because blogging is not a fixed job that collects its salary from the employer every month, but it is closer to an investment process in publicizing your blog in the long term and gaining the trust of visitors, and the matter, In the end, it is determined by several factors that we will talk about.

We also tell you that the beginnings will be modest and will not be stable, but if you succeed after a while in publicizing your blog, you will find a respectable meager equivalent to the annual return achieved by some large commercial companies in your city…

To review some predictions that are closer to the reality that helps you to form an overview of the expected earnings from blogging online, this mainly depends on the number of visitors who come to your blog and how targeted visitors are…

For example, visitors who search for “interpretation of dreams” will be less accurate in targeting than visitors who search for “buying real estate in new cities”, for example, the second visitor is expected to buy more than the first visitor. Also, a blog with 1,000,000 visits per month will generate more revenue than a blog with 1,000 visits per month.

Now let's talk about the different ways to earn from blogging, and how you can depend on any of them to get additional income from your blog.

How to earn money from your blog

Let’s now talk about the different ways in which you can monetize your blog, you may depend on one of these methods or take advantage of all of these methods, depending on the relevance of that to your blog visitors and the content you provide.

Now let's talk about these methods as follows:

1- Profit from PPC ads

The first, most famous way to profit from blogging is to place PPC ads, which is short for pay per click, which means that you earn money for the number of clicks you get on ads from your visitors. The more visitors to your site, the more relevant the ads are to their interests, and therefore the more chance you have of getting more clicks and interacting with those ads, and thus more money.

Many companies provide you with CPC ads such as Google Adsense, where you register with them and send a link to your website, then the company does a review of the site and if it is eligible to display ads, it is approved and they send you ad codes, and you start watching the statistics of views and clicks on ads from within Your company account, and your earnings as well.

There are certainly other companies like AdThrive, PropellerAds, Media, and others that offer you to pay to click on the ads you place on your blog.

Note: If you intend to use this type of ad, you mustn't place the ads in a way that is annoying t

2- Affiliate marketing for products

Affiliate marketing is a mutually beneficial system that benefits product owners and bloggers as well, as you recommend those products or services within the blog content to your visitors, and every visitor interested in the product or service when they click on the purchase link within your blog that you receive from The owner of the product, a part of the selling price of the product will be deducted to you in exchange for referring that customer to him.

Thus, if you have a blog with a good number of targeted visitors, you can place affiliate marketing ads for some products in exchange for a commission from the merchant for each customer who purchases.

  • Make sure to put products that suit the interests of your visitors, for example, if you have a blog that talks about the technical world, be sure to put products in this field, and not another field that does not suit the interests of visitors.
  • Deal with trusted commission marketing companies, and you can find out by researching the extent of the company’s reputation online, and their commitment to calculating commissions and paying.
  • Pay attention to distinctive products that provide solutions to customers for some of their problems and be keen on unique products so that they give a strong incentive to purchase the product, and thus increase your chances of achieving more commissions for purchases.
  • Don't over-promote products to lose the trust of visitors, but talk about the products you're promoting as appropriate. For example, you could refer to skincare products in your discussion of tips for dry skin.
  • Try to build a mailing list and take advantage of it by sending content that is useful to users and has some mentions of the products you are promoting. Most of your mailing list followers are highly targeted people to buy.
  • Make sure to choose products that give you a good profit margin on each sale. Do not promote products that sell for $ 10 to get a commission of 10% = $1, but be sure of high-priced products that get a high commission.

3 - Promotional content

Let's say that you have a blog that talks about raising fish at home, in this case, it is assumed that you have a good fan base interested in the field of fish farming, care, and purchase.

You will have the opportunity to provide informational and promotional content at the same time, such as writing a blog post about how to create a simple fish farm at home with the least possible capabilities. During the explanation of the article, you can recommend a merchant who sells tools used in establishing a fish farm such as ponds, water pumps, axin, and others.

Of course, you will first agree with the merchant to get a fee for recommending their products or by placing promotional links to one of the affiliate marketing platforms that you already subscribe to (Amazon for example). The more your blog has a large audience and is interested in the content you provide, the easier it will be for you to convince them to buy products or subscribe to the services you recommend.

4 - Direct ads

Instead of subscribing to ad referral companies like Adsense and others, you can do it yourself by persuading some companies to buy in-site advertising space. For example: If you communicate with some local and nearby companies and offer them to place a fixed ad tape inside your blog in exchange for a monthly, weekly, or daily amount of money according to the agreement.

It is important to understand well that business owners will not accept this offer if your blog is still in its infancy, but you can take this step after publicizing your blog and attracting a large number of interested visitors.

5 - Promote your blog content

You certainly know how effective social media marketing is, in which you pay some money to get traffic if you look at it from another angle that you promote your blog through social media ads to reach people who are interested in your content and then you get more profit than you paid with ads.

For example, you can write a comprehensive blog post about “the most important home care products that housewives need!” Then you make funded ads on Facebook targeting housewives with a small amount of money, and then some targeted visitors come to you to make profits from them that exceed more than you spent through the profit methods in the article from promoting products, advertising spaces, or others.

6- Sell an e-book

Let’s say you have a blog that talks about successful investment projects, and you constantly publish exclusive content for visitors who are interested in entrepreneurship, in this case, you can invest some time in publishing an e-book in which you talk about some advanced experiences and strategies and offer it for sale to your blog visitors for a certain amount.

If you have an audience that trusts the information you provide to them, then you have the opportunity to collect a large number of sales for this digital copy of your book, for example, if the price of the book is only $ 10 and you sell it to 1000 of your site visitors, you will have earned about $ 10 thousand from the sale the book.

Note: To facilitate the process of selling the book, it must contain valuable information and new strategies that interested people are looking for, and try to be the design of the book of high quality to improve the reader's experience in browsing the book.

7- Providing paid consulting

You can provide some paid consultations in your field of specialization to blog visitors, whatever your specialty (bodybuilding, entrepreneurship, child-rearing, psychiatry... and other specializations). You can provide counseling in any form for a certain amount that you indicate to the user.

For example, if you are a doctor and you publish informative medical content within your blog, explaining all reliable medical information, then you can offer some medical advice services to your blog visitors, they will be willing to pay for specialist consultation to get better health.

8 - Self-employment and service provision

If you have a blog in which you constantly publish content specialized in your field of expertise, then you can start offering some services related to this field to visitors, such as content writing services, web design, or graphic design, so that you provide these services in exchange for a piece-work payment for each work you provide to visitors.

The idea is simply that you register in one of the freelance platforms (Khamsat for example) and then provide some services on the platform with the links to articles and blog posts in your blog in your business gallery on the site to gain the trust of sellers.

Or you can deal directly with the customer, such as offering him the professional services that you can provide, and then he pays directly through one of the well-known payment methods (Paypal, for example), and the customer is contacted directly based on his confidence in your blog as well as his confidence in the services you provide to him.

9 - Publication of reviews and recommendations

This method differs from placing advertising spaces to sell products directly, but you can get some products in exchange for writing a paid review to try and recommend that product (if it is a really great product), or you can also post promotional articles to some external sites and get paid for the process Post on your blog.

It's important that you choose products or sites that you're posting about very carefully and that is actually useful to your visitors so that your followers can still trust the recommendations you give them.

10 - Sell your blog after publicizing it

Many business owners want to acquire a successful site with several targeted visitors to develop the site and benefit from the development of profit methods from the blog or even promote their own products, and there are already large platforms such as Flippa that act as an intermediary between site owners and interested customers.

You may be wondering, how do I sell the blog, which requires a lot of effort, money, and time?

Indeed, this is the investment method through which you can expand to new ideas of projects and build more than one site in this way. After you get a good amount from selling your blog, you can start building other sites in the same way, especially if you get a good amount that compensates you for the effort you made in Building a blog with a suitable profit margin.

11 - Personal Marketing

This method is suitable for most people who build their blogs to build their own brand and advertise themselves among interested people by publishing great blogs that give confidence in you as a pioneer in the field in which you speak, to be invited to attend conferences, public speaking or training courses in different places.

If you are an influencer who has extensive experience in your industry, you can seize the opportunity to be one of the famous bloggers in your field and one of the most trusted people as a source of information.

In the beginning, you will not find many expected opportunities, it may even require you to offer some lectures to speak for free, and then if you can gain the trust of the audience or followers, this opportunity can be a step to another better opportunity through which you can get more business commercial.

12 - Create a paid membership system

Do you have a lot of information that you provide to visitors for free, and you want to move to the next step, which is to display some advanced information for a fee?

In this case, you can determine whether this opportunity is suitable for you according to the experiences and experiences you provide to your followers, you can create a paid membership system that offers more practical training and private follow-up with system subscribers to gain a better experience, and deeper information than the information offered for free.

Before you start launching paid memberships, you must determine what content will make a big difference to visitors, and you can find out by doing surveys for blog visitors and knowing their interests and what they are looking forward to in the next step, and they are ready to get these benefits in exchange for a monthly subscription.

For example: if you are the owner of a blog that is interested in bodybuilding, you can provide a paid subscription to participate in the professional fitness program, which is supervised and followed by you.

13 - Selling registered training courses

This method is suitable for bloggers who provide educational explanations permanently and in detail, and they can record a course from a series of videos once and then sell this course more than once, instead of personally following up with each subscriber or providing the service yourself each time.

What distinguishes this method is that you invest some time in preparing, processing, and recording the different explanations once, and then you sell it an unlimited number of times…

Let's say that you have arranged 5 hours of explanation and prepared and registered the course in 10 days, for example, and then after completing the registration of the course, you will sell it to a large number of people without the need for you to be face to face with the learners every time.

To succeed in this type of selling course, you can publish a summary of it on your blog, telling visitors about all the benefits and advantages that they get from buying the course as well as the experiences of old subscribers, and in case the content is really special and useful, you will receive a good number of subscribers.

14 - Requesting financial support from visitors

You may notice many bloggers placing a link to request financial support from followers to be able to continue the content of your blog that you provide for free on an ongoing basis.

This method works if you are the owner of useful content for a large number of visitors, and at the same time you do not display annoying ads to them, it seems as if you care about them more than you care about annoying ads and windows, in this case, the opportunity to persuade visitors to support you financially increases.

Sometimes some are embarrassed by this method and feel that it is a kind of beggar in being a request to donate this image, but when we review the matter that the visitor provides financial support to your site to continue and that it supports the content that benefits from it more than its support for the owner of the site, some actually welcome this way and can generate a good income.

You can customize the donation system within your site if you are using WordPress through one of the specialized plugins such as Patreon WordPress that allows you to create a donation and financial support within your site.

15 - Sell your T-shirts

If your blog was designed using WordPress, then you are in front of a real opportunity to make more profits in it by creating a T-shirt printing service designed by your visitors. You can implement the idea using one of the plugins that create an integrated internal T-shirt design system, such as the WP-Spreadplugin plugin that provides integration with WordPress.

The idea of ​​creating these T-shirts can be implemented and placed in a special section within your blog, where visitors enter it and choose the design to be printed on the T-shirt, and then you receive orders and send them to one of the factories near you and contract with the shipping company to deliver orders to customers.

You can make this idea work by providing the most attractive designs for your visitors, especially if they have loyalty to what you offer them. For example, you can display the logo of your blog, the famous phrases you use, any design that expresses you, or the content that your followers love.