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How to create a YouTube channel from start to finish to make a profit 2022

How to create a YouTube channel from start to finish to make a profit2022?

How to create a YouTube channel to make a profit2022?

Initially. You must have an account G MAIL on Google So you can create a YouTube channel, we will consider that you do not have a Google account. Therefore, we will explain all the steps of creating a new account, so that you can create a YouTube channel and make a profit from it.

How to create an account on Google G MAIL?

1.Go to the Google browser.

2.We write in the search Create an account New G mail.

3.We fill in the required information.

4.You can create a new address on G mail.

5.Add your phone number to confirm that this account is credible and that it is not a fake account.

6.A message will be sent to the phone number you entered in the phone number field, containing a number to confirm your ownership.

Thus, you have done all the steps to create a new account on Google, while continuing to complete the rest of the required data and then the next and then at the end. You press OK, and you have created a new Google account without any problems.

After creating the account. We enter the Google browser and click on the YouTube tab, then we record the mail that we have created with these steps.

·There is an icon at the top of the page.

·We click on it. A list will open, with the password to login or add an account, you will put the email that you created, then add the password, and thus you will have added your account on YouTube.

Steps to create a YouTube channel

1.Log in to YouTube.

2.You click on the same icon with which you registered your account.

3.There is the word Create channel in the menu that appears in front of you.

4.After pressing create channel. A window will appear, with the name of the account you created, and if you want to change the name. Channel You will type the name you want to name the channel by, for example, Technology and Knowledge Channel. Cooking Recipes. News and information. etc.

5.If you want to add. A picture of the channel, click on the word download, then choose the image and upload it.

After completing these steps. You can easily create a YouTube channel.

Channel customization steps

After creating the channel on YouTube. You open the channel page and then click on the customization rectangle at the top of the screen and then continue. A window will open with three words from above, namely (Format - Brand - Basic Information). You open each one of them and then you get to work.

First: coordination.

where you format. Shape the shape of the channel and arrange it, as you would like your channel to look like.

Second: the brand.

You must have a logo. It is specific to your channel and should be inspired by the specialty of your channel, i.e. your channel for cooking. If the logo should be chosen for cooking, and so on.

Third: basic information

Here all the information is located. The channel, its specialization, its field, and its content that will be published in the channel.


In the end, we hope. That we have provided you with useful content on how to create a YouTube channel in all its steps.