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What is Facebook, what is its purpose and how does this social network work 2022?

 What is Facebook, what is its purpose and how does this social network work 2022?

Facebook, what it's meant and how this social network works 2022

If you're still unclear about what Facebook is or how this social network works, which I've certainly heard of on many occasions, today I'm going to remove your doubts about this guide.

Although people around you may already have a company profile or Facebook page, you probably still don't know exactly what it is or what it is.

If you're also at a point in your life where you decide to start training in the digital world, you should start understanding how this digital platform works.

Similarly, it would be appropriate for you to know that in order to manage these or other networks professionally, you have to face a series of myths or rumors surrounding them.

Whatever the case, if you never use it, don't worry, because today I'll reveal more about this platform, from its beginnings to its functions, and of course I'll leave you some tips so you can use it from today.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a social network created to be able to keep people connected, and they can share information, news and audiovisual content with their friends and family.

It's one of the most popular digital channels for all users browsing the Internet today.

All types of users can register: individuals, companies or major brands, to be in touch with each other and therefore be able to share content.

But what exactly is Facebook?

By telling you what Facebook is, I've also practically shown you what it is, so that, as I mentioned earlier, we can see and interact with photos, videos, and comments from other users or accounts.

This is a good means of communication that has made people who have lost contact over the years, perhaps because of distance or other circumstances in life.

In the same way, they've brought former school students together, or are trying to bring users closer to their favorite brands.

Thus, its main function is to connect users, make people in touch so that they can share information about themselves, their tastes, their experiences and, ultimately, their daily lives.

Thus, they can comment publicly, send private messages and even make direct video contacts, through the Facebook Live function.

It is true that during the process of development of this platform, we saw that we could no longer share only a picture or video. We can now share a feeling, a passion, locating us by locating it or the music we listen to.

Share feelings on Facebook

As if that wasn't enough, he saved more than one of us so we wouldn't forget the birthdays of our friends, even our partner or children.!

An original way to give her an extra job, so you don't have to write down all these dates in your calendar or even in your diary.

Birthday reminder on Facebook

On the other hand, if you want to give it a more professional use and become a community manager, this network gives you the opportunity to connect with people.

This way you can do networks, you can meet customers and even if you have a fan page, you can sell your own products.

How was Facebook born? A brief history of the platform

Around February 4, 2004, Mark Zuckerberg launched this site with other Harvard colleagues such as Eduardo Savarin, Andre McCollum, Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskowitz.

But this was not available until 2008, when the platform was available in Spanish.

Zuckerberg's main idea was to create a new way to communicate with university students on a daily basis, although it was opened in a very short time to all those who had an email.

Thus, it has expanded to include universities and other users, until it reached the point where we are today, with more than 2.2 billion users per month.

After the platform's success and Instagram launch in 2010, Zuckerberg acquired the rights to this app in 2012.

How does Facebook work?

It's simple to play, because once you sign up and create your profile, you can start interacting with your friends and family.

Keep in mind that in order to register and sign in, you'll need an email from Gmail or another similar platform, personal password and corresponding confidentiality.

Knowing these initial hypotheses, it's time to learn how the social network works, which should take into account how many things you can do in it:

 Make new friends

Adding new friends is as simple as searching for them by name and surname (if they register their real data) in the search engine you'll find at the top of the platform.

Once you enter the name, people who match your search will appear and you must submit a friendship request to contact or contact them by clicking the "Add my friends" button.

This is important, because although in some cases we are allowed to communicate with others through private messages without having to be friends (depending on each person's profile configuration), the platform recommends, for privacy, not to talk to unknown persons.

As I told you before, you can find out which status updates, photos and videos are uploaded, where they share relevant moments in their lives.

In this way, you can tell them what you think, such as commenting on this content to tell them what you think or even sharing that content and that your own community can also see other people's content.

 You can join topical groups

In the same way you keep active with your profile or page, you can share and consume content that relates only to topics that interest you or your interest in.

There are 3 types of groups:

Open/public collections: Are the ones we can include ourselves in without the need for permission, we will find them in the search engine and we can even invite other users to participate in them. In addition, its content is quite general, whether you are part of the group or not.

Put yourself (by: Webescuela)

Private/closed groups: We can find this type of group in the search engine, but in order to be part of it or see the content, we must be accepted by an administrator. In this case, we'll only be able to see the group description, but we won't be able to access any kind of publication.

Secret groups: You won't find these in search engines, so let's say you should be a little "VIP" to participate in, as only an administrator or member of the secret group can invite you to access them and their content cannot be shared or posted on the platform.

 Other additional features

Within Facebook, we find different functions that are different from the key functions I've already told you about, such as:

Games, where you can't just play alone, you can interact with your friends.

Events, you can keep up with events that take place near your site, or those that matter to your friends. That way, you can show your interest in an event with the function of referring to "I'm interested" or "I'll get".

Jobs, which recently included a job section where you can not only watch shows, but also publish your offers.

Making payments: Now that there is a Walla pop-style sales portal, payments can also be managed through the platform.

Recommendations: You can also request recommendations for places, restaurants, shops and hotels.

Groups: There are groups created by the same users in which they meet according to interests, topics or even events.

Should I be on Facebook too if I have a company?

The answer to this question is "depends", because this in itself is available to all types of companies, as long as it is created by someone with a profile or account.

With that in mind, the question in this case should be rather:

"Are the target audience or potential customers of my Facebook business?"

When I say it depends on whether I should be on Facebook or not, it's because everything will depend on your target audience, so you should first review your business model and your professional sector, to clarify whether your customer is in that network.

If yes, then yes, there must be a complete social media strategy developed in it, and helped, if you prefer, through tools to manage social networks professionally.

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In short, Facebook is a social network with the ability to unite users in the same community, making it easier to share experiences, moments and conversations, as well as the opportunity to connect to a company.