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What version of Google Chrome do you have and which version exists 2022

 What version of Google Chrome do you have and which version exists 2022?

version of Google Chrome do you have and which version exists 2022

 Google Chrome is Google's browser, as its name suggests, available for all kinds of devices and we can use it for free. It's undoubtedly one of the most popular and most used. You can use Google Chrome on macros, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows, available since 2008, the year it was first launched.

You may want to know about changes to Google Chrome versions or you may want to get a trial version that will help us implement changes to the web page we want to run.

Google Chrome versions

Google Chrome is updated steadily every two or three weeks in the same version.

Every six weeks or so when a new version of Chrome is introduced. Each of them fixes previous errors, and implements improvements and detail updates such as ratio side, for example, java, cache, pop-ups, or general improvements in security and privacy.

As these versions were developed, there were more significant changes from one version to another, such as implementing HTML5, flash "falling" in your browser, appearing in the Chrome electronic marketplace, or adapting to new audio and video systems, among other things.

Continuous update

As we've seen or seen, updates are continuing, so creating a list of Google Chrome versions will be out of date in a few days. tablet.

You can check all Google Chrome updates over time from the Google web page. All versions and versions of new versions of the browser through calendar and archive.

Trial versions

There are test versions other than the fixed versions of Google Chrome that we all know or have installed: Google Chrome Beta, Google Chrome Dev, and Google Chrome Canary. Each of them has test versions according to a specific stage of the test that has been developed.

Google Chrome versions

Google Chrome Beta is the version in which all errors are polished and is the most stable since almost everything is ready. What has a major update every six.

Beta Chrome

Google Chrome Dev is the per-trial phase: The most important functions to be transferred to the next version have been completed, but there may still be errors. New Chrome updates.

Google Chrome developers Google Chrome Canary is the fourth and final version of the versions. The most turbulent and the most changing. On many occasions we won't get it started. It allows us to test the latest version and features that have been released recently but it is the most unstable version with tools and options that have just been implemented or even not yet activated. It is automatically created on Google servers with changes to the browser code every few hours, there is no kind of verification by developers, so problems are common and very unstable. It is not recommended like before but you can download it. Chrome Canary.

How do I know the version you installed?

To check your Google Chrome version, you can do this from browser information and in the Help section":

Open the browser window

Go to the three points at the top right

Choose the Help option from the drop-down menu

Click on Google Chrome Information "

Here you'll see if it's updated or not and any version in particular.

Google Chrome version

How to update Google Chrome?

Updating Google Chrome on your computer is very simple, although we always have to keep in mind that a new version of your browser is available for your device.

Open Google Chrome on your computer

Go to the three points at the top right of the screen

These three points will appear in one color or another if there is an update. If it doesn't exist, the code will appear gray as in most cases. If there is, it can be green, orange or red. Color will depend on how long the update is posted: green if it was released less than two days ago, orange if released about four days ago, and red if the update is at least a week old. That way we can easily check whether we should update or not.

If any of the colors appear, the update is very simple: press the three points at the top right and click on the Google Chrome Update feature is that this button in the list will only appear if we have an old version.

Once you do this, restart. Don't worry if you have several tabs open because they will open once the browser restarts.

How to install an earlier version?

There may be a time when you want to install an old version of Google Chrome, whatever the reason you do.

Keep in mind that if you pass or install an earlier version of Chrome, all cache data, user profiles, etc. will be deleted. But you can do so easily.

Once you get it, the steps are simple.:

Click on the home page

Find cmd and open the command prompt

Depending on what you want, you should write one thing or another.:

If you want to refer to the latest hand-installed version with MSI, write:

msiexec / fvomus GoogleChromeStandaloneEnterprise.msi ALLOWDOWNGRADE = 1

If not, write:

msiexec / i GoogleChromeStandaloneEnterprise.msi ALLOWDOWNGRADE = 1

Go back to your computer and open Chrome

Check your browser version to make sure you make a change

If there are any problems, Google recommends calling the support team over the phone or by solving Google Cloud Support.